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SHRM: Impactful Retail

It's one thing to put a slogan on a t-shirt to state your values and say you are an ally. It's another thing entirely to show that allyship through your actions and support those populations through your business. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world's largest HR association with nearly 325,000 members dedicated to creating better workplaces. At their 2023 annual meeting in Las Vegas, they wanted to reimagine their retail store and incorporate their values into the products featured. As an association committed to cultures of belonging, the Procure Impact team worked with the SHRM Foundation to curate a selection of custom t-shirts and notebooks hand-crafted by our vendors that supported at-risk youth, returning citizens, and individuals with disabilities. "I am a mental health ally," was screen printed by Project LIFT, a transformative non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk teens through the treatment of substance use disorders, mental health counseling, mentoring, and vocational skills training. "I Support Second Chances," was screen printed by Turn90, who helps men at the highest risk of recidivism by equipping them with the critical social, emotional, and workforce development skills and access to living wage employment. The notebooks were customized with the SHRM Foundation logo and wrapped in original art by individuals with disabilities that are part of the ArtLifting platform.

"Our Executive Team, along with our Board, were thrilled with the mission-aligned products we launched in the Store this year. They all turned out beautifully, the t-shirts were a bit hit with shoppers and the notebooks are a work of literal art! We are so excited to find more ways we can incorporate Procure Impact products into more of our events! Thank you for your partnership and for making it easy on our team to bring this vision to life!" - Ashley Miller, Director of Digital Products and Services, SHRM

Set the tone for your conference and surprise and delight your attendees with a curated set of products that they will cherish and love. Contact our Managing Director LDR at to speak to a gift concierge and learn more.


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