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Unshattered: Amanda's Story

Gritty, Influential, Determined. Amanda's journey out of addiction is a testament to the power of grit and healing. Bullied in school as a young girl, she sought acceptance through alcohol and drugs – which plunged her into a decade-long struggle with addiction and resulted in incarceration, homelessness, and prostitution. But within her darkest moments, she found a glimmer of hope.

While incarcerated, Amanda seized the chance for change. Through a recovery program, she embarked on the arduous path to sobriety. But like a lot of people who enter residential recovery programs, she didn’t have many choices on the other side of her addiction. Despite a brief relapse, Amanda returned to the program with unwavering determination to rewrite her story.

Joining Unshattered became a pivotal chapter in Amanda's redemption. Through crafting handbags from upcycled materials, she discovered purpose and empowerment. The organization not only provides employment but invests 10% of their team’s weekly paid hours in personal and professional development - things like therapeutic counseling, educational workshops, and professional mentors - so that they can build their skills to their highest potential.

Today, Amanda is Unshattered's Creative Lead and Product Manager and was named a 40 Under 40 Business Leader for her county. Not only has she reclaimed her life and is a mother and homeowner, but she is an Ambassador of Possibility, proving what women can achieve on the other side of addiction. Read Amanda's full story in Authority Magazine here.


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