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Seize New Market Opportunities

Grow and Scale Your Work 

Let’s build long-term corporate partnerships that help you grow and scale sustainably and reach more people with your life-changing programs grounded in the dignity of work.

Transformation Through Partnership

With over 20 years’ experience in the corporate sales, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors, Procure Impact has curated an extensive network of businesses committed to social change. Our team is deeply connected and committed to the mission: to scale social impact procurement and transform millions of lives in the process.

I have been looking for a partner that "gets us"....really understands how our mission and products are interwoven into a holistic approach to job training and helping refugees thrive. Procure Impact is that partner.

Joan McLaughlin

Beautiful Day RI

Collaboration and Partnership

Through a world-class sales team and technology platform, Procure Impact can help your business grow. We work with your team closely to deeply understand your mission, connect to your values, amplify your brand voice, and champion your products. We also aim to work within your existing processes and systems so our partnership is as seamless as possible. 

Procure Impact Offers:

Outsourced Sales

An experienced sales team cultivating relationships and closing profitable deals with corporate buyers and C-suite decision makers at a fraction of the cost of a full-time senior staff role.

New Market Analysis

Product feedback and stakeholder interviews from corporate customers on product quality, market needs, and platform data on views, clicks, and conversion on digital profile through website.

Relationship Management

Relationship management support for corporate buyers to drive long-term sustainability and expanded reach and impact.

Marketing & Storytelling

Inclusion in marketing materials, earned media, corporate procurement catalogs, local and national.

We know that a job is one of the most transformative ways to spark change, increase confidence, and drive economic independence. 

We work exclusively with employment social enterprises that manufacture products in the United States and provide job opportunities and earned income for veterans, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and those experiencing barriers to work such as poverty, homelessness, criminal records, addiction, and mental health and trauma. If you are a workforce program that creates high-quality products and deep transformation in the communities you serve, Procure Impact can be the bridge you need to grow and scale into new markets such as:

Every time a new partner comes on board it is a celebration of a commitment to a more inclusive economy and a society that values individuals for their strengths. I personally do a little dance for every sale because it sparks pure joy!

Laura DeFrancesco Ross (LDR)

Procure Impact, Managing Director

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