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The Worthy Co: T*'s Story

Resilient, Dreamer, Leader. T*’s story is a testament to resilience and transformation. Initially being introduced to The Worthy Co.'s parent non-profit, The Net, T* found comfort and connection through their survivor support group. Through their enrichment program, she rediscovered the power of dreaming and set ambitious goals for herself.

In early 2023, T* joined The Worthy Co. team as a survivor employee, and has already earned three promotions and is even beginning to train new employees! In addition to her work accomplishments, T* has also managed to acquire her own vehicle, secure independent housing, and begin working on her college education.

Beyond professional and personal milestones, one of their favorite parts of watching T*’s journey has been watching her fight for reconnection with her daughter, and watching her become the mom she has always wanted to be. T* says that the support that she continues to receive has encouraged her to continue to push forward to rebuild her life for her children and future grandchildren. She is, undoubtedly, our hero.

Every purchase at The Worthy Co. directly contributes to supporting incredible women like T* on their journey toward freedom and hope.

*for privacy & security purposes, T's name has been omitted from this post


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