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Beautiful Day: Zaid's Story

Driven, Hard-Working, Humble. Zaid fled Iraq for Syria in 2006 and resettled with his family in the United States with nothing. In 2010, he started working for Beautiful Day in Providence, Rhode Island. Due to his rigorous work ethic passed down by his father, Zaid did every job they had: baking, receiving, shipping, deliveries, deposits, markets - you name it! For every order received from Beautiful Day, you can bet it passed through Zaid’s hands.

In 2012, Zaid met Wayne, one of his customers at Beautiful Day who hired him at the Providence Journal. In addition to his role at Beautiful Day, he is now a supervisor at Providence Journal where he has hired many refugees, creating opportunity for many individuals like his family who were displaced from their homes.

As Beautiful Day continues to flourish, Zaid and his family are thriving as well. Within the last 11 years, they are proud to be homeowners and have four beautiful children excelling in school.

With your purchase of gourmet granola products at Beautiful Day, you are directly contributing to their mission to help refugees, especially the youth and the most vulnerable, enter the job market and become welcomed, self-sufficient members of their communities.


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