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Pacific Hospitality

The Meritage Collection, by Pacific Hospitality Group, brings you the best in hotels with acclaimed luxury resorts in California, Hawaii, and Texas, known for breathtaking views in one-of-a-kind places with locally inspired enrichment programs designed for the curious traveler. In 2022, Pacific Hospitality partnered with Procure Impact to infuse purpose-driven products into their retail stores and facilities with lavish accommodations, inimitable amenities, and world-class service. Marco Orozco, Director of Retail at Pacific Hospitality Group, was hopeful but skeptical at first when he was introduced to Procure Impact. “When I heard about the mission, I was excited to explore it but wasn’t expecting the quality and diversity of products available to us,” Marco said. “We selected several new vendors for our retail shops, corporate gifts, and spas that we never would have found without Procure Impact. It’s wonderful to know I’m having an impact through my work.” Now with four lines of products in their retail shops — from candles and gift bundles to gourmet food and handbags — Marco continues to identify new opportunities to integrate Procure Impact vendors into their everyday purchases. In addition to retail items, they recently purchased employee gifts for their wellness meeting and VIP gift items for their corporate partners and sales teams and are evaluating art and decor for their facilities.

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