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Bank of America and ArtLifting

Bank of America has teamed up with ArtLifting to visually represent their commitment to creating an inclusive, change-driven workplace. ArtLifting partners with artists living with disabilities or facing housing insecurity to highlight and uplift underrepresented groups in the contemporary art market. The artists receive a 55% commission rate from any sale, and another 1% of each sale is donated to ArtLifting’s Community Partner Fund. By investing $2 million in ArtLifting’s mission, Bank of America will feature artwork for sale in 100 of their financial centers across the U.S., with an end goal of 900 financial centers. This social enterprise has been impactful, as 75% of artists have said their ArtLifting sales provided them a meaningful source of income. By celebrating and providing a platform for their work, Bank of America and ArtLifting are able to offer valuable opportunities and reduce stigma for hundreds of artists around the world.


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