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Ben & Jerry’s and Greyston Bakery

For over 30 years, Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with Greyston Bakery to prove that quality products, social justice, and business profitability can successfully work together. By providing brownies and other baked goods for Ben & Jerry’s specialty ice cream flavors, Greyston Bakery has grown into a $17 million community institution that reinvests 100% of their profits to provide affordable housing, education, youth services, and more within Yonkers, New York. Greyston Bakery also uses a “no questions asked” Open Hiring® method to advocate for social change by giving jobs to people who frequently face barriers to employment, such as those with criminal records or substance use disorders. Together, Ben & Jerry’s and Greyston Bakery have unlocked the power of human potential by offering over 3,500 job opportunities and supporting over 19,000 families in southwest Yonkers.


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