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Hotel Revival

Hotel Revival shows that hospitality and community are two sides of the same coin. Situated in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, Hotel Revival offers an inclusive, impact-oriented space for hotel patrons and local residents alike. Utilizing their 107-room, 14-story space, their team features local products and services from underrepresented local businesses, including women- and Black-owned Lor Tush toilet paper and Black-owned Sole Wash sneaker cleaning. The boutique hotel also hosts free community events and programming around Black History Month, Juneteenth, mental health, and other topics to inspire important dialogue among neighbors. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hotel Revival became a much-needed community center, offering items like toilet paper, produce, hot meals, and coffee to those in need, as well as providing free lodging to first responders. By highlighting and uplifting the best of what Baltimore has to offer, Hotel Revival seeks to restore and revitalize the place they call home.

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