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Responsible Sourcing

By sourcing responsibly and prioritizing sustainability in our supply chains, America’s hotels are making a positive environmental and social impact through their purchasing power.

Dignity of Work Pledge

In partnership with Procure Impact, we launched the Dignity of Work Pledge to accelerate responsible sourcing and social impact across the sector. By purchasing from qualified and vetted suppliers, each transaction creates shift hours for vulnerable populations and uplifts communities.

If interested in uplifting communities through every transaction, join the Dignity of Work campaign by signing the
pledge form.


Purchases that create over 100,000 hours
 of work

Each purchase on the Procure Impact platform calculates and reveals the number of shift hours created by the sale, making it easy for corporations to report on impact goals and measure progress over time. Learn more about the Dignity of Work Campaign from our fact sheet.

Hours of Work
Populations Served

Overall Impact

Data as of Feb. 22, 2024

National Reach

Our purchases have collectively impacted over 50 enterprises that support overlooked populations in the United States.

At Atrium, we take social and environmental responsibility very seriously and see it as a business imperative because of the significant correlation to the lives and health of the communities we serve. We are committed to providing an unparalleled vacation experience. Procure Impact helps us elevate the guest experience with wonderful products that inspire and delight our customers.

Chris O’Donnell

Chief Operating Officer,
Atrium Hospitality

As a chef in long-term recovery, I know firsthand the power of redemption. The Dignity of Work Pledge gives the hospitality sector the ability to use their purchases as a force for good, creating jobs and income for people who are often overlooked. Intentional sourcing of social enterprise products creates long-term impact for marginalized communities.

Andrew Zimmern

Chairman of Passport Hospitality, Intuitive Content, and FoodWorks

Products in hotels are the ingredients that make the guest experience truly incredible. Just like in recipes, sourcing high-quality, meaningful ingredients makes all the difference. When you buy hand-crafted products that elevate the remarkable stories of people in our local communities, you set the table for conversation and connection, and that’s what good hospitality is all about.

Pati Jinich

James Beard Award-winning chef & TV host of PBS La Frontera and Pati's Mexican Table

A job is one of the most transformative ways to help someone improve their lives. By purchasing through Procure Impact, we get quality products and know that our company is having a lasting impact in our communities by creating job opportunities for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to work.

Kenzie Vath

VP of Strategic Partnerships, Pacific Hospitality Group

At Davidson Hospitality Group, we believe that strong community bonds elevate exceptional hospitality from profit-focused to people-first. Our partnership with Procure Impact goes to the core of who we are as a company—how we live our values to always do what’s right and serve others with love.

Thom Geshay

CEO & President, Davidson Hospitality Group

We firmly believe that a strong sense of community is essential. For the past 40 years, Sage has been dedicated to making an impact in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play, and we are honored to partner with Procure Impact as we double down on our commitment to lead with purpose and accelerate our impact.

Daniel del Olmo

President, Sage Hospitality Group

Directly from Our Impact Partners

Stories of impact

Click below to read stories and case studies of impact.

Founding Partners

We are proud to partner with pioneers in the hospitality sector that are committed to uplifting and supporting the communities we serve.

Interested in becoming a leader in responsible sourcing and joining our Dignity of Work Campaign?

Sign the pledge here or contact to learn more.

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